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Jurors In Salcido Trial Listen To His Taped Confession

September 28, 1990

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (AP) _ Ramon Salcido said in a statement played for jurors Thursday that anger and drugs sparked the rage that led him to kill seven people.

″I don’t feel like I wanted to kill nobody ... I wanna have some beers, you know, and forget everything else. But wife’s made me feel that (way) when she start, when she left me at home with my kids and take off,″ Ramon Salcido said in the two-hour tape that jurors followed with the help of a transcript.

Salcido, 29, is being tried in San Mateo Superior Court for the murder of his wife, Angela, two of his daughters, his mother-in-law and her two daughters and a co-worker at the Grand Cru winery.

He also faces three counts of attempted murder for attacks on a third daughter, another co-worker and the co-worker’s wife.

Salcido was arrested in his native Mexico four days after the April 14, 1989, slayings in Sonoma County. The trial was moved here because of extensive pre-trial publicity.

In the taped statement Salcido made while being returned to California, he said he was angry with his wife because she had married him while pregnant with another man’s child. He said he was angry at his mother-in-law for not telling him about the child’s parentage and angry at his supervisor because he thought the man tried to have him fired.

Defense attorney Marteen Miller concedes his client committed the crimes, but claims Salcido was not capable of planning the murders and therefore should not be convicted of first-degree murder or face the death penalty.

Salcido had been an alcoholic since age 18 and had consumed three grams of cocaine and three bottles of champagne in the hours before the slayings, Miller claims.

Prosecutor Peter Bumerts said the tape supports his contention the slayings were premeditated.

″Anybody that says ‘I decided to go kill my children because I was mad at my wife,’ and then goes to a place where he will not be seen is not mentally impaired,″ Bumerts said.

Near the end of the statement, when asked if he wants to add anything more, Salcido said the drug dealers who supplied him are partly responsible, claiming he would not have committed the attacks sober.

Several times, Salcido expressed remorse, said he was scared and that he felt as though he were someone else.

″I’m ready to receive anything and everything you guys to do,″ he said. ″I don’t feel like, I wanted to try not being guilty when I know, I know that I’m guilty.″

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