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Berwick: Mass. needs fairer transportation funding

January 8, 2014

BOSTON (AP) — Democratic candidate for governor Don Berwick has unveiled a wide-ranging transportation plan, from fee structures that take into account the number of miles a driver travels to a more robust public transportation system and bicycle-friendly infrastructure.

Berwick said he’ll work to identify revenue sources sufficient to pay for the state’s road and bridges. He said while the gas tax may be necessary now, it shouldn’t be in the future.

He said he’ll work to transition from taxes on gasoline to more modern methods that ask people to pay according to what they use — such as “vehicle miles traveled” fees.

Berwick also said that while the MBTA serves a majority of the state’s population, other regional transit authorities are also in need of upgrades. He called mass transit fare increases the “least desirable of all revenue sources.”

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