Get to Know: Gail Ryver

August 27, 2018

Gail Ryver

Age: 35

Lives in: Mount Vernon

Born in: Oakland, California

Family: “My husband and I live here. My family is all down in California.”

Reason for moving here: “My husband is from here originally; his family is all up here and we wanted a change. Also the Bay Area is expensive.”

Best part of living here: “I like the small-town feel. People really are a lot more friendly.”

What do you miss about California? Sunshine

Occupation: “I’ve worked in the service industry for 15 years.”

Education: Degree in forensic anthropology. “I went to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. They have the ‘body farm’ where they do experiments in decomposition.”

When I was younger, I wanted to be: “A lion tamer. That was the first job I ever wanted to do. My husband’s a Leo so maybe I kind of did it.”

Dream job: “To be an independent consultant for disaster preparedness organizations like the NIJ (National Institute of Justice) or the UN.”

How did you get on that career path? “I was a firefighter for a few years and decided I didn’t want to do that anymore but still wanted to work with emergency and disaster preparedness.”

Best childhood memory: “Renting a houseboat and being with my family. There were nine of us total and we would all cram on a tiny little houseboat and spend two weeks in Shasta (Lake) being equally really annoyed with each other and jazzed about each other.”

Things that brighten my day: “Going for a run, cooking from scratch and reading academic articles.”

Favorite movie: “The Princess Bride.”

Favorite book: “Right now it would have to be James C. Scott, ‘The Art of Not Being Governed.’”

Spirit animal: Unicorn

The first thing I would do with $1 million: Buy property

The world would be a better place if: “People engaged more directly with their communities.”

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