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On the Light Side

January 14, 1989

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) _ The letter couldn’t have come at a better time for Alaska.

Just as legislators were preparing to cut the budget or impose new taxes in the wake of declining oil revenues, Money magazine came to the rescue.

″Let that alarm clock ring, State of Alaska. You’re financially independent and don’t ever have to work again 3/8″ the magazine proclaimed in a letter addressed to the state.

″Dear S. Alaska: What a thought 3/8 To be so rich that you could do whatever you want. Whenever you want. Virtually anywhere you please,″ the letter continued.

Alaska has won a chance at the magazine’s $2 million ″Double-Your-Million Sweepstakes″ drawing, offered to attract new subscriptions.

Because computers know only what they’re told, and because a state office in Juneau is on a mailing list under ″State of Alaska″ and the magazine used that list for its promotion, the contest letter ended up in the state mailroom.

″If we win this and every other sweepstakes, Alaska will be over its budget troubles,″ said David Ramseur, a spokesman for Gov. Steve Cowper.

The letter also includes a warning often heard in Alaska: ″Remember, millionaires who handle their money badly aren’t millionaires for long.″


NEW ORLEANS (AP) - You’ve heard of ″L.A. Law?″

Well, how does ″La. Law″ strike you?

Pat Schultz, a spokesman for NBC television, said Thursday that Terry Louise Fischer, the co-creator and former co-executive producer of the hit prime time show about a Los Angeles law firm, is writing a two-hour movie pilot for NBC about a woman district attorney in New Orleans.

Schultz said NBC is interested in the project as a potential weekly series for the spring or fall. The network has the option to order 13 episodes if it approves the script for the pilot, he said.

Fischer, through her secretary, declined to provide details on the as yet untitled project. Tesa Laviolette, director of the Louisiana Office of Film and Video, said it is her understanding that the program would explore New Orleans’ close-knit business and social structure. She described it as having a ″Dallas″ flavor with a New Orleans twist.


NEWARK, N.J. (AP) - Triskaidekaphobiacs worried about Friday the 13th. Everybody should beware this weekend, a psychic says.

Triskaidekaphobiacs are people who are afraid of the number 13.

Friday the 13th has come and gone, but Mom Balaam, an Atlantic City psychic and astrologer who is ″Like the Night With A Thousand Eyes,″ according to her ads, said the entire weekend may be dangerous.

She said the alignment of the sun and moon would cause fights between couples, especially if one of them was born on a ″bad″ day - most of which fall between the 15th and 19th of December, January, February, April and June.

″Those people could be in a lot of trouble,″ she said. ″A person born on a bad day is going to have a really bad day when the planets and the stars are wrong. With this weekend looking the way it is, right after Friday the 13th, I’d say stay indoors and watch yourself.″

Mrs. Rhonda Spiritualist, who bills herself as ″A True Psychic,″ was optimistic. She said Friday the 13th had no more likelihood of bestowing bad luck on people than July 7, 1977, or 7-7-77, had of bringing good luck. ″It’s just another day,″ Mrs. Spiritualist said. ″People shouldn’t worry about things like that. They should just go ahead and try to be happy with life.″

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