Dick Newman: Recalling memories of Christmas past

December 22, 2018

Seems like yesterday but it was more like 78 years ago when my parents made those special days very special for me. I often think of them setting up the toys that Santa brought me. I know some of the items must have been very taxing that night before Christmas.

What gems were found under the trees such as toys and games like trains, lead soldiers, chemistry and microscope sets, erector sets, tool boxes, sports outfits, footballs and basketballs, football and basketball games along with board games like Monopoly and Ouija boards. At times, there were larger surprises like tricycles, scooters, cars and wagons.

How I loved to thumb through the toy catalogs and place my order. Sometimes the excitement was overwhelming. I must have been spoiled, but I didn’t know it. For sure, I had wonderful parents and was very lucky to have them.

Merry Christmas and thank you parents for all you do.

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