5 booming facts about World Series home runs

September 30, 2018

Boston Red Sox legend Ted Williams hit his 521st and final home run of his career in his final at bat of his career in 1960. With Major League Baseball’s postseason set to begin next week, the home run can become a life-changing moment for a player.

1st World Series homer didn’t go over a fence

In 1903, Jimmy Sebring hit the first home run, but it was an inside-the-park homer. Because of an overflow crowd, the outfield crowd was held back by a rope. Because of the rule which stated a ball rolling under the rope was a triple, the outfielder only casually went after it. The ball stopped short of the rope, and Sebring rounded the bases.

It isn’t Babe Ruth

While Babe Ruth hit many World Series homers, New York Yankee great Mickey Mantle hit the most in World Series play. Mantle hit 18 to Ruth’s 15. Mantle, however, played in 273 World Series games as compared to 167 for Ruth.

Pitchers also can hit HRs

Two pitchers have World Series home runs to their credit: St. Louis Cardinal great Bob Gibson and Baltimore Orioles’ Dave McNally.

Reggie, Reggie, Reggie

Reggie Jackson might have hit the most dramatic home runs, but in all, four players have had World Series games with three HRs: Pablo Sandoval, Albert Pujols, Jackson and Ruth (The Babe did it twice).

This World Series is ‘Over’

There have been 15 walk-off homers in World Series games. Only two players hit series-ending home runs: Toronto Blue Jay’s star Joe Carter ended the 1993 World Series and Pittsburgh Pirates legend Bill Mazeroski ended the 1960 World Series.

Source: quora.com

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