Lincoln holds annual magazine fundraiser

January 24, 2019

GERING — Lincoln Elementary students launched their annual magazine fundraiser on Wednesday.

The Great American Opportunity is a week-long fundraiser for the school that brings in $2,000 on average. Those funds go into the school’s activities fund and has allowed the school to go 1-to-1 on Chromebooks and purchase Chromebook carts. Last year, some of the funds were used to buy cotton candy that resembled the trees in the book, “The Lorax,” used during Dr. Seuss day.

All students are involved in the fundraiser.

Sixth-grader Connor Cochran said, “My role is giving the packet to mom or dad and have them fill out the little postcards. If they want to, they can buy a magazine subscription and send the money in the envelope back to the school.”

Aside from the magazine sales, the students also get prizes. Cochran said the office has a prize wheel box that dispenses pencils and based on the pencil, students choose a prize in the corresponding bin. Each pencil has an image of a $5 bill, $20 bill, $50 bill, emojis or a gold color.

“I hope they get prizes they want and the magazines they want to read,” he said.

The fundraising not only benefits the schools, but also encourages families to read.

“This helps our school by raising money to try to get kids and moms and dads to learn and read magazines,” said Cochran.

If families or the community do not want to purchase a magazine, principal Pam Barker said they can donate to the school. From this year’s proceeds, Barker said the Booster Club is looking to install a pergola.

“Our Booster Club now is working on a pergola outside,” said Barker. “That’s something that’s not that expensive and that we could quickly see the results.”

Barker is hoping to partner with the Gering High School construction trades class to build and install the pergola once the students are done helping with the high school construction. If Travis Gabel’s class is able to help, Barker mentioned that the older elementary students could watch the students install the pergola. The pergola will be large enough for four tables that seat six to eight students, so a classroom can complete science activities or read books.

The magazine fundraiser ends on Monday, but students can return the postcards Tuesday. The school will continue to receive money from the magazine fundraiser throughout the spring semester and into the summer.


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