Teresa O’Donnell-Ebner: La Crescent referendum a good investment

April 5, 2019

School building funding is a confusing process with many restrictions.

The referendum vote in La Crescent-Hokah is not needed because the school board hasn’t properly managed its budget.

It is not a matter of just trying a little harder to scrimp and save. Under the current system, a bond vote is the only way to raise the funds for the much-needed remodel of our elementary and the other important improvements.

We can keep fighting in St. Paul for a more equitable way, but that will take years and we can’t sit on our hands and do nothing while our elementary school continues to fall apart around our kids.

Spending money on expensive repairs is not a wise use of funds.

We need schools that are safe, meet our learning and vocational needs, and show our community pride.

I will vote yes to both questions. We know many are on limited incomes, but with increasing costs of repairs and increasing building costs, it does not make sense to postpone this important community project. If not now, when?

These kids are our kids. The elementary school is in the heart of the community. A renovated building can serve young and old alike. We need to invest in our future. LaCrescent-Hokah residents, please vote yes April 9.

Teresa O’Donnell-Ebner, La Crescent