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World Cup: Waqar laments tough times for bowlers

March 4, 2015

NAPIER, New Zealand (AP) — Pakistan great Waqar Younis says modern one-day cricket is “unfair” to faster bowlers and he’s glad he’s not playing under current conditions.

Waqar, who is now coach of the Pakistan team, says flat wickets, fielding restrictions and bigger bats have tipped the balance of the game too far in favor of batsmen.

In his playing days, Waqar was a master of the fast yorker which made him one of the most effective death bowlers in the history of the game. He still believes the yorker is the most effective ball to bowl in the late overs but says bowlers have a tough job under any circumstances.

Waqar told reporters after Pakistan’s 129-run win over Afghanistan on Wednesday: “It is a little unfair to faster bowlers I would say or to any bowlers, especially when the field is (up). You don’t really know which way to bowl.”

“Yes, with death bowling, still I feel the yorker is the best ball,” he said. “They have different theories from different coaches coming down and asking for balls, short balls using those square fielders. But I still feel the good yorker is the best delivery.”

Waqar said trends in modern cricket have been shaped by the desire to appeal to fans.

“It’s an entertaining world, I guess,” he said. “People want to see big sixes and all that and that’s why the rules and laws have been changed in the recent past.

“The wickets have become really flatter and the batsmen are a lot fitter and the bats are thicker. So there are a lot of things going in batters’ favor. I guess it’s a crowd-pull thing. But for me, I believe it should be an even contest.”

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