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Russia, U.S. Secret Service Join to Fight Economic Crime

April 6, 1995

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Russia and the United States will work together to combat international economic crime, the Secret Service and the Russian Interior Ministry announced Thursday.

K. David Holmes, Jr., deputy assistant director of the Secret Service, said a just concluded two-week seminar had already yielded results. ``Together we have identified several criminal cases ... with direct associations in Russia and the United States,″ he said.

He declined to give details, saying the investigations are continuing.

But Boris L. Tereschenko, deputy head of the Economic Crimes Department of the Russian Interior Ministry, said during a joint news conference that the Secret Service is helping the Russians in a counterfeiting case by analyzing the paper and ink used to print false currency.

Though the best known function of the Secret Service is now the protection of the president, it was founded in 1865 to fight counterfeiting.

It is participating in a U.S. task force working with the Russians. The task force includes representatives from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Customs Service and other law enforcement agencies.

Holmes said that in addition to working together, each of the U.S. agencies has a program with Russia in its area of expertise.

Tereschenko said money laundering in Russia is another major international problem.

``People go to Russia from the United States just to launder money,″ he said.

He added that Russia is also concerned with preventing use of the Internet for criminal purposes.

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