What Happened To Constitutional Oath?

September 9, 2018

Editor: U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey and Congressman Lou Barletta took a simple oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. For more than a year, President Trump has been attacking the First Amendment at every opportunity. He has repeatedly called the press the enemy of the American people. In Helsinki, Trump stood next to Putin — a dictator known for suppressing the press, having journalists killed — and used that international platform to again malign the American press. Then, he came to Pennsylvania, bringing his vitriolic message. He doubled down, not only vilifying the press as an institution, but also singling out journalists, calling them “horrible, horrible people,” and encouraging the crowd to boo journalists in the arena. Barletta stood on that arena stage in Wilkes-Barre with Trump and said nothing. He failed in his sworn duty to defend the Constitution. He put his personal ambitions ahead of his country. Now he wants to represent all Pennsylvanians in the U.S. Senate. He failed his most important test as a congressman, why should we allow him to fail us again? Toomey has, so far, failed in his duty as well. Toomey’s official statements for the past six months have not mentioned the president’s assault on the First Amendment. The list of topics Toomey wants to hear about includes the Second Amendment, but not the First. Toomey must defend the U.S. Constitution and deny President Trump his Supreme Court nomination — no matter who that nominee is — until it is clear that Trump understands the U.S. Constitution whether that takes six months, one year or two years. Representatives of Pennsylvania had the courage to sign the Declaration of Independence and adopt the Constitution. Pennsylvania’s representatives face another crisis today. It’s time to honor their oath, do their patriotic duty or leave. Judy Aita WEST PITTSTON

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