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At Least Nine of the Richest Lack High School Diplomas With PM-Richest Rich Bjt

October 11, 1988

NEW YORK (AP) _ At least nine members of the Forbes 400 richest Americans are getting by without high school diplomas.

Kirk Kerkorian, the investor who controls MGM-UA, never finished high school, according to Forbes magazine. Neither did Carl Lindner, who made a fortune in insurance and banking, or Daniel Ludwig, the 91-year-old shipping and real estate magnate.

The other six non-graduates, Forbes says, are Charles Allen Jr., Barbara Cox Anthony, Samuel Joseph Frankino, Johnnie Bryan Hunt, Jerry J. Moore and Harry Weinberg.

At least 40 other Forbes 400 members finished high school only. At least 296 attended college, of whom 242 graduated. Forty-six hold MBAs, while 16 have law degrees.

Other highlights:

-The youngest members of the Forbes 400 at age 32 are Texas oilman Lee Bass and William Gates III, the co-founder of Microsoft Corp.

-The oldest is 96-year-old Iphigene Ochs Sulzberger, the New York Times Co. heiress.

-At least 26 own 30 percent or more of a professional sports team.

-Twenty-four are immigrants.

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