Trump orders Air Force One redesign: Darcy cartoon

July 24, 2018

Trump orders Air Force One redesign: Darcy cartoon

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- President Trump has called for the new Air Force One, on order from Boeing, to have a new color scheme of red,white and blue.  Hopefully it will be star, spangled banner red, white and blue, not Russian flag red,white and blue.

The current iconic color scheme and design was chosen by President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jackie Kennedy.   The Kennedys worked with famed French industrial designer Raymond Loewy.

When Boeing was set to introduce a new fleet of planes to serve President Kennedy, they made public their designs for the exterior color scheme.   The colors were the same orange, black and white, which were the  color of Air Force One from 1959 to 1962.

After Loewy let the White House know he thought Boeing’s designs were “Gaudy” and “Amateurish,” the Kennedys hired him to help them redesign The White House in the air.

JFK added the presidential seal just behind the nose.   Because JFK liked the color blue, Loewy chose the “Luminous Ultramarine” for the exterior.

Kennedy had called for “The United States of America” to replace “U.S. Air Force” and “Military Air Transport Service” on the side.

Loewy and Kennedy chose the Caslon font and spacing for “The United States of America” to match an early version of The Declaration of Independence.

The Kennedys and Loewy transformed what had been an unappealing, militaristic, utilitarian airliner into an iconic, classy symbol for the United States and the U.S. presidency.

In an interview with CBS News anchor Jeff Glor, Trump promised the new “Air Force One is going to be incredible.   It’s going to be the top of the line, the top in the world, and it’s going to be red, white and blue.  Which I think is appropriate.”

Of course, the fear is that anything redesigned by Trump will be as gaudy as what Loewy thought the pre-Kennedy Air Force One was.   Ironically, that version was orange, which would now match Trump’s artificial tan.

Trump will not get to fly in the new Air Force One unless he wins re-election.  Boeing will not be delivering the new fleet of planes that will serve as “Air Force One” until sometime between 2021 and 2024.    So Trump’s predecessor might have to clean up the mess he left the country in, while flying around in a visual mess he restyled like his hair.

Hopefully Trump won’t order the exterior of The White House to be redesigned and repainted next.

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