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Town Passes Diapers for Horses Law

October 24, 2003

LUCEDALE, Miss. (AP) _ If a horse wants to gallop into this town, it’s going to have to diaper up, and not horse around.

Unbeknownst to horse lovers, the city of Lucedale approved a new ordinance earlier this month that requires horses to wear diapers when in town.

The ordinance requires all livestock _ horses, cattle, sheep, mules and others _ to be diapered.

Some horse riders now may boycott the city’s annual Christmas parade.

Last year, the parade drew 250 riders. The law will take effect Nov. 7.

It was the number of riders that was part of the problem, said Lucedale Alderwoman Gladys Hobdy.

``With that many horses, there wasn’t no place, you know?″ Hobdy said. ``There were some pretty horses. They left us with a pretty mess.″

At Lucedale Livestock, employee Shannon George wasn’t sure what sort of device would do the job. But she knew she couldn’t fit a diaper on a horse.

``I wouldn’t even try,″ George said. ``Maybe a little monkey, but not no horse or something like that.″

Rotary Club President Jim Young said the organization, which backed the ordinance, will meet with horse owners and may present aldermen with a compromise.

As it stands, the city has said it will not enforce the ordinance during the parade, Young said.

Billy Rogers, a member of the George County Team Penning Association and parade regular, said he’s not even sure if a saddle horse can be ``bagged.″

``To be honest with you, if I tried to put a bag on her I’d probably get my brains kicked out,″ he said. ``We want to make sure we can ride our horses. And we don’t want to bag ’em.″

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