Improving history: Museum board planning variety of small projects

March 1, 2019

BULLHEAD CITY — Larry Adams, representing the Colorado River Historical Society and Museum, talked to the Parks and Recreation Commission last week about what the museum board plans to do with the new building at Community Park.

Adams was the building contractor. An array of small improvements will occur next now that the new museum location has been opened since the fall.

These include adding sidewalk to link the shortest point between the museum and Lil’ Red Schoolhouse, erecting a new security fence to replace the chain link, and displaying some key outdoor exhibit pieces next the new building, he told the commissioners.

A sidewalk will connect the back door of the museum to the small side door of the schoolhouse. Creating a path between the two structures would encourage more people to visit the schoolhouse while they’re at the museum.

Visitors will be more likely to “wander to look at other things,” Adams said.

It would also allow the schoolhouse to be open more hours a week without overtaxing the all-volunteer museum staff.

The main door of the schoolhouse would be kept closed to control foot traffic, he said.

Within a new fence that will be paid for by the museum board, there would be space for some outdoor displays still at the old museum building north of the Laughlin Bridge in and next to the old Catholic Church. The property is securely fenced. It where such pieces as the Bullhead General Store, some Old West-style wagons and mining equipment are being stored.

Some desert-friendly landscaping within the new fence would help reduced the amount of water used to maintain the area. And at some point there should be a sidewalk leading to the museum from the highway, Adams said.

Most of this work is slated to occur within the next few months, he added.

The next big goal is to raise enough money to construct the next wing of the museum, which will contain a research library, said Elsie Needles, CRHS president.

“A museum without a research library — have you heard of that?” Needles asked rhetorically.

For information about donating to make happen the next phase of the building project, call 928-754-3399 or send a message through the group’s Facebook page.

People interested in volunteering at the museum are encouraged to contact the museum by phone or Facebook.