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NASA: Atlantis To Launch Feb. 7

January 25, 2001

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) _ NASA has settled on Feb. 7 as the launch date for space shuttle Atlantis’ delayed trip to the international space station.

The date, announced Thursday, allows the shuttle to rendezvous with space station Alpha on flight day three as planned.

Atlantis was return to the hangar last week to allow for additional wire inspections. The electrical cables on the shuttle’s two booster rockets were found to be in good condition, clearing the way for a return to the launch pad Friday.

Atlantis originally was scheduled for a liftoff last week with the U.S. space station laboratory, Destiny. Because of the three-week delay, Atlantis’ next flight has slipped from May to June.

In addition, space shuttle Discovery’s launch has been postponed another week, to March 8. During that trip, NASA will take up a new space station crew and bring back the three men currently living on the orbiting complex.


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