FORT MYERS, Fla. (AP) _ Minnesota Twins reliever Hector Carrasco will miss at least three months this season after an operation to relieve an arterial blockage in his throwing arm.

Carrasco tentatively is scheduled for surgery in Chicago on Monday. He was hospitalized last week with numbness in his right hand. Doctors found blood clots in his armpit and elbow, and blood-thinning medication dissolved one and reduced the other.

``The best-case scenario is that he'll be out for three, three-and-a-half months and return at the end of the season,'' team physician Dan Buss said.

``The repeat arteriogram (performed Wednesday) showed a relatively high area of blockage still there,'' he said.

The surgery will involve taking out a piece of the artery in Carrasco's shoulder and grafting in a piece of vein from his leg.

The loss is a blow to the Twins, who had been impressed with Carrasco this spring. Carrasco was 4-2 with a 4.38 ERA last year for the Twins.