Watch out for invading insects this time of year

September 26, 2018

NORFOLK - As the temperature drops, insects and spiders will be looking for warm sheltered areas to spend the winter - like your house.

Extension Educator for Madison, Pierce, and Antelope Counties Wayne Ohnesorg says Northeast Nebraskans normally deal each winter with beetles, box elder bugs and spiders.

Ohnesorg says there are things you can do to prevent these insects from invading your home.

He says your roof vents should have screens in them and you should check the openings on the side of your house such as the dryer and furnace-exhaust vents.

Ohnesorg says also inspect your door jamb as it can become depressed after being stepped on multiple times, which can leave an opening for insects and cold air to enter.

For more information go to Extension.UNL.EDU.

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