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From the Pulpit: Upside down and inside out

Chris Brekke life@postbulletin.comMay 26, 2019

A square like me doesn’t have the 411 on fashion, but back before some city-folk started wearing their hats backwards, Ole tried it. He is heading out of the house with his hat on backwards, and Lena barks “Ole, ya oaf, yur hat tis on backvards!” He stops and smiles, “And how should yew know vich vay I’m going?”

Oh boy. Dumb. Ole perhaps lacked both a sense of fashion and a sense of direction.

The Lord provides for us earthlings a sense of direction. (He doesn’t care so much about fashion.) Sometimes His direction runs counter to our normal understanding of life.

Consider two examples of how following the Way of Jesus may strike many observers as dumb. Jesus turns us “upside down” and “inside out.” That probably sounds quite uninviting to most.

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