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Steve Bullock, Montana governor: America’s greatest global foe is ‘potentially’ ourselves

David Sherfinski The Washington TimesMay 15, 2019

Montana Gov. and 2020 presidential hopeful Steve Bullock said the United States might be its own worst enemy on the global stage.

“I think our greatest global foe, potentially, is ourselves if we continue to have the level of divisiveness we have had,” Mr. Bullock said in an interview that aired Wednesday on CBS.

“When the rest of the world sees that Congress and the president can’t agree, or the divisiveness that we’ve seen on every single potential either military action or other,” he said.

So potentially, we are our own worst enemy? Mr. Bullock was asked.

“Well, I think we can be,” he said.

Mr. Bullock, who entered the race for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination on Tuesday, is pitching his ability to govern as a Democrat in a deep red state as a key selling point in a crowded field.

“I’m the only one that actually won in a Trump state,” Mr. Bullock said. “I’ve also been able to really bridge divides here. I mean, my legislature’s always been at least 60 percent Republican.”

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden predicted this week that there would be an “epiphany” among Republicans after President Trump leaves office.

That attitude is a contrast to many voices among the party’s left wing who want Democrats to adopt a more confrontational style, and say the GOP has torched prospects for bipartisan cooperation by embracing Mr. Trump and his brand of politics.

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