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July 11, 2018


BRISTON, England (AP) — A distillery in England has apologized after developing a 75% proof vodka named after the toxic nerve agent Novichok. Bristol Dry Gin advertised the product on its Facebook page on Saturday - three days after exposure to the nerve agent killed one person and made another one critically ill in the town of Amesbury. In a statement, Bristol Dry Gin said: “Novichok Edition has been in development for some time, but that admittedly the timing of the release of this product may have lacked sensitivity.


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP)— A bill proposed by Alabama U.S. Sen. Doug Jones would require the government to release records from unsolved criminal cases linked to the civil-rights era. The former prosecutor says existing laws don’t go far enough to require the release of documents from the period. A statement from Jones’ office says the bill would require officials to gather and release records from unsolved civil-rights crimes. Jones, a Democrat, is a former U.S. attorney who prosecuted two Ku Klux Klansmen for a church bombing that killed four black girls in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1963. The Justice Department is still reviewing a few unsolved civil-rights killings.


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — Rescuers have pulled a man to safety after he became trapped in a Sioux Falls grain bin full of soybeans. Lincoln County emergency manager Harold Timmerman says the man was cleaning out a bin with a grain vacuum yesterday morning he was “sucked down to the bottom of the bin.” The Harrisburg Fire Department responded to the bin, where the man was trapped up to his chest. Timmerman says it took between 30 to 45 minutes to free the man using grain rescue tubes. Officials say he wasn’t hurt.


GRAND FORKS, N.D. (AP) — Officials say the first trans-Atlantic flight by a medium-altitude, long-endurance unmanned aircraft has lifted off from an aviation park in North Dakota. The General Atomics Aeronautical Systems drone departed from the Grand Sky park at the Grand Forks Air Force Base Tuesday afternoon. The flight will cover more than 3,000 miles before landing in Gloucestershire, England, where the Royal Air Force is holding its centennial celebration. The aircraft is an MQ-9B Predator, which is 38 feet long with a wingspan of 79 feet. The plane recently flew continuously for more than 48 hours.


DAMASCUS (AP) — Scientists in Damascus have begun reconstructing ancient sculptures from the city of Palmyra that were damaged by Islamic State (IS) during Syria’s civil war. The Russian defense ministry said a group of eight experts has started work on the statues and sculptures rescued from Palmyra. The ancient city is home to one of the Middle East’s most spectacular archaeological sites. Many of them were badly damaged by IS in 2015. Palmyra is a world heritage site protected by the United Nation’s cultural agency.


VANCOUVER (AP) — A park ranger is grateful to be alive after a terrifying grizzly bear attack outside his home in Bella Coola, British Columbia. Jordan Carbery said he saw some bears in his headlights as he pulled into the driveway, but that they ran off. The next morning he saw some bears in a cherry tree. He didn’t realize they were cubs, until a branch broke and one of the young bears crashed to the ground. That’s when the mother charged him. She tackled him from behind, wrapped her jaws around his head and picked him up with her mouth. She ripped his scalp, he fell to the ground but was picked up again by his thigh and right buttock. He got loose, but with no phone he had to drive himself to the hospital.

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