Your Style: Melissa Doman

January 6, 2019
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Your Style: Melissa Doman.

Melissa Doman hails from Hayfield, where she lives with her husband and two young daughters. The 34-year-old is an office leader at Scheels, and outside of work she can typically be found crafting with her girls or refinishing an old piece of furniture.

“I have always loved the arts. It’s a way to express yourself whether it be through drawing, crafting, clothing, makeup … It just makes you who you are.”

Doman is also a fan of interior design, regularly coming up with new ideas for how to transform various rooms in her family’s home. It’s easy to see her love for stylish and pulled-together looks in the house extends to her wardrobe as well.

Your style in five words or less:

Modern-vintage, ever-changing, effortless.

Go-to sources for outfit/style inspiration?

I follow fashion bloggers on Instagram. I also use Pinterest a ton. I like to search the pieces I already have to see how I can put a new spin on old favorites.

What are the pieces in your wardrobe you find yourself reaching for most often?

Holey jeans and worn vintage shirts.

My outfit just doesn’t feel complete without _______.

A statement shoe. Oftentimes I figure out with which shoes I want to wear and build my outfit from there.

Anything surprising in your closet?

Some of my shoes belonged to my mom when she was my age. True vintage, though I don’t think she likes it when I call them that.

Most coveted piece of clothing you own:

An old pair of royal blue sweatpants (dated 1992) I bought from my high school when they were getting rid of old warmups. They are certainly not the fanciest item I own, but I would be so sad to lose them.

Favorite current trend? And one you hope never comes back around?

I love a good jumper. I have for years, but now others are jumping (no pun intended) on the bandwagon. As for a trend that I never need to see again: super low-rise jeans.

How do you stay stylish during Minnesota winters?

Via layers. For example, I’ll take my favorite fall black leather jacket and add my favorite black fur vest on top — it adds warmth and takes the outfit to a new level.

What influence does being a mom have on your style, if any?

You have to choose comfort when you are a mom. When I’m “mommin’” around, I like to be in flats. But I want those flats to pop, so my go-to pair is my metallic wingtip oxfords.

Biggest fashion pet peeve?

Wearing too many trends at once. Keep it simple and let one trend shine.

Pick one: heels, sneaks, flats or wedges?

Heels — nothing brings on confidence like a good pair of heels!

Thoughts on Rochester’s style?

There is such a mix, we have it all. And if you look at my closet, that’s exactly what you’ll see: a variety of styles.

Favorite local places to shop?

For long-term fashion pieces and quality denim, I shop at Scheels. If I’m looking for fast-turn fashion, I go to H&M and Forever 21. For jewelry, I love TJ Maxx.

What items are worth splurging and saving on?

I definitely splurge on shoes, but totally worth it. I like to save on the super trendy clothes that I know won’t be around long and might only wear a few times.

Words of style wisdom you think everyone should live by:

If you love what you’re wearing, wear it with confidence.

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