Businessman drives effort to provide tires for those in need

November 17, 2018

Have you ever had an idea that is perfect for the season at hand? Or would have been perfect, if you had thought of it three months prior so you could have a bit of time to prepare for it?

That is the position Dave Boye of Black Diamond Mortgage has found himself in. Sitting at church one morning he had an idea to do something for the benefit of the community, and even though he has not had time to fully prepare, he’s pushing forward.

The idea is simple: help 30 families over 30 days by purchasing tires for them. This idea grew out of Boye’s own life experience.

“In 1996 I worked at Big Mountain Tire in Whitefish, so I have experience with the tire season and with families burdened by this,” Boye said. “I remember seeing these people come rolling in, desperately hoping they would be able to just figure it out.”

The memory of the stress those families endured has stayed with Boye. So, he’s partnering with Glacier Skate Academy and other local businesses to bless 30 families this winter with 500 donation payable to Glacier Skate Academy. Glacier Skate Academy is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, so donations are fully tax-deductible. Four hundred dollars will then be paid to the tire store of the recipient and $100 will go to the Academy. The applications will be reviewed based on “first come, first served” and also based on need. Boye said he already has a number of people who are applying. Now he just has to connect with other local businesses to make this a reality.

“I wanted to do something cool, something that would benefit the community,” said Boye. “I floated the idea to a couple of businesses and so far, everyone thinks it’s a great idea.” Boye said that ideally the project will help 30 families. He also said that if he gets more donors he is more than happy to make it bigger.

The website is www.blackdiamondmortgage.com/tires-for-a-change. On the main page there are two options, to donate to a family in need, or to apply to receive the tires. Boye is hoping the word will get out to area businesses swiftly because tire season is already in full swing. He has ideas for how to make it even better for next year, but for this year he is relying on the fact that this is not something that most people would be able to do on their own.

“If I try to do this myself I can’t. If any one business tried, they would probably fail. But if we can get everyone to join together, then we can have a much bigger and more meaningful impact,” Boye said.

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