Rep. Omar is an ‘unrepenting anti-Semite’

March 9, 2019

Once again Stephan Lesher, the unrelenting champion of all things left, has attempted to defend the indefensible. (“U.S. Rep. Omar gets a bad rap,” March 8)

Despite his and other’s protestations to the contrary it’s become obvious to most of us, including folks like Rham Emanuel and Nancy Pelosi, to name just two with whom I share no political common ground, that Rep. IIhan Omar is an unrepentant anti-Semite. One who uses the vilest anti-Semitic tropes to underscore her positions, two of the most prominent being that American Jewish support for Israel can somehow be construed to mean that American Jews owe their first loyalty to the state of Israel, and that for Jew’s “it’s all about the Benjamins.” It’s nice to see that Omar has taste for the classics, those are two of the oldest anti-Semitic tropes in the book.

To be fair, she does enjoy support from other than Mr. Lesher. Fellow “progressives” like Rep Ocasio Cortez, (D-NY) and Rep. Aynna Pressley (D-Mass) defend her views. And I understand that Linda Sarsour, the terrorist-supporting, drive the Jews out of Israel, darling of Hamas, as well as the vile anti-Semite Lewis Farrakan are also big fans, along with former KKK Wizard David Duke. In fact, Duke has called her “the most important member of the US Congress.” That’s high praise indeed, especially coming from someone occupying such high moral ground.

I’d like to say I don’t understand why Mr. Lesher would even consider defending an anti-Semitic hate monger like Omar, but unfortunately, I understand all too well. Just as I understand why people like Duke, Sarsour, and Farrakan support her. I just didn’t expect to see Mr. Lesher traveling in that company.

Mark Zimmerman