Digital Mike: Great stadiums highlighted under the Friday night lights

October 13, 2018


Do you find yourself at a football game on Friday nights? It’s cheap entertainment to people-watch, enjoy the small-town feel of the games no matter where you go, and enjoy the autumn splendor.

Best high school stadiums

John Millea jumped from the Star Tribune to the Minnesota State High School League years ago and has shown how a newspaper man’s eye for a story can capture and shape the spirit of high school athletics. Millea makes the rounds to venues through all seasons and writes about it. Here, he lists his top 20 high school stadiums. In our region, Spring Grove, Grand Meadow, Wabasha and Winona get tips of the cap from Millea. Give his John’s Journal a read and then plot out a fall high school football visit before it gets too cold.


Sprouting breweries

Rochester’s local brewery scene is growing, but what’s happening nationally? Watch a map sprout with spots where breweries are being added. It’s a quick look that may cause you to go further in depth to learn more or perhaps pursue a beer.


Fall foliage

My travels around the region reveal that the autumn colors are emerging along the hillsides and ravines. If you’re looking for some areas to explore and enjoy the flags of autumn, you might take a route that includes Minnesota’s Scientific and Natural Areas. This is a fun map site that shows you where they are located and then gives you more information to plot your course. Wondering what’s around our neck of the woods? King’s and Queen’s Bluffs SNA preserves two beautiful bluffs that rise more than 600 feet above the Mississippi River. Although Queen’s Bluff is only accessible by permit, you can still enjoy both bluffs by hiking the interpretive trail in Great River Bluffs State Park. This hike will take you to the overlook on King’s Bluff where you’ll see a stunning a view of Queen’s Bluff, the Mississippi River valley, and a mosaic of fall colors.


Dinner time

Stay tuned. Rochester MN Eats blog got started last month with an intro piece and then an ode to a sandwich post. I like the idea of someone posting about their experiences, but mostly from the positive side, the appreciative side. I’m curious to see what the pace is since the author says the posts will be when the author dines out. For me, that would be infrequently, but this blog might be able to pull off posts from the basic lunch to the Friday evening special dinner. There are lots of good eats and dining experiences in the Queen City and you might want to check out this blog to see what happens. They also post on Twitter under @RochesterMNEat s, as another way to keep track. Give it a taste.


Fly a kite

Leif Enger, a Minnesota author with a new book out, writes about how he came to fly a kite every day on his book tour and how he totes one along with him now. It reminds me of a retired traffic engineer whom I admire. Here’s a fun essay by Enger, who writes about flying kites. It might prompt you to get out and fly one. At least read his books. You’ll be glad you did.


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