Carlynton PSSA scores on the rise

September 15, 2018

As students returned to the classroom Aug. 20 in Carlynton School District, teachers were ready with welcoming smiles and academic goals for a successful school year.

Ed Mantich, district test coordinator, curriculum supervisor and data coach, met with teachers to discuss the raw data of PSSA scores from the previous academic year.

The good new is the proficiency rate in math, science and English language arts has increased throughout the district. Mantich said the district has reached “unprecedented levels.”

Students in grades three to six at Crafton Elementary had an overall proficiency rate of 73 percent. No students in the fifth and sixth grade scored in the “below basic” category.

The only grade to have a decrease in scores from the previous year was the fourth grade.

Mantich said the administration and teachers are looking into the grade four issues.

One way the district will help those students, now fifth-graders, is to reduce the student-to-teacher ratio in the classroom.

At Carnegie Elementary, more students reached the proficiency level in all subjects. Overall, only 6 percent of students scored below basic.

Similar results were achieved in seventh and eighth grades.

While seventh and eighth grade math proficiency appears to be low at 33 percent, Mantich said the rate has tripled from four years ago. Fewer students are also scoring below basic.

“We are increasing the upper level and taking care of the lower level,” said Mantich, who credits the academic strategies in place to increase scores.

The state has not finalized the scores, but Mantich said the raw data is used to help Carlynton teachers set goals and have an action plan in place to help students learn.

Every Pennsylvania student in grades three through eight is assessed in English language arts and math. Students in grades four and eight are assessed in science.

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