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Mondales’ Daughter Marries Chicago Bears Football Player

April 10, 1988

HUDSON, Wis. (AP) _ Eleanor Mondale, the daughter of former vice president Walter Mondale, married Chicago Bears offensive tackle Keith Van Horne at a small private ceremony Saturday.

″It was a traditional ceremony. After the ceremony, there was the traditional showering of the bridal couple with popcorn. Well, scratch the word traditional,″ said Judy Whittlesey, a family friend.

Ms. Mondale, a one-time aspiring actress,is a radio personality at Chicago’s WCKG-FM and is writing a book on presidents’ children. After a honeymoon to the Virgin Islands and Antigua, the bride, 28, and the groom, 30, will live near Chicago, Ms. Whittlesey said.

Mondale and his wife, Joan, attended, and their sons Ted and William served as ushers. Two daughters of Philadelphia Eagles line coach Dan Neal, 6-year- old Kelly and 4-year-old Tiffany, were ring bearers, said Ms. Whittlesey.

About 45 people, mostly relatives, attended the ceremony, but several hundred were expected at an evening reception at a Minneapolis hotel, Ms. Whittlesey said.

The bride’s maternal grandfather, John Maxwell Adams, a retired Presbyterian minister; her uncle, Lester Mondale, a Unitarian minister; and the Rev. David Crow, a Presbyterian minister, performed the ceremony. Adams and his wife life in this community, located east of Minneapolis across the Minnesota-Wisconsin border.

Mondale was vice president from 1977 to 1981 and was the unsuccessful 1984 Democratic presidential candidate.

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