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Bob Proposes on Billboard to Teri, Gets Too Many Responses

October 20, 1994

WOOD DALE, Ill. (AP) _ Special note to Teri: If you don’t have a ring yet, it wasn’t YOUR Bob proposing marriage on that billboard.

Bob Bornack’s proposal on a sign did the trick with his Teri - Teri Ungar - but left more than 10 other Teris wondering whether it was their Bob who popped the question.

″I talked to one Teri who called in a total panic because she’s dating two Bobs,″ Mike Richards, works for the billboard company, said Wednesday. ″She didn’t know which one might be proposing and she had to know who to answer.″

The sign in this Chicago suburb reads, ″Teri, Please Marry Me 3/8 Love, Bob.″

Bornack drove Ungar past the sign on Saturday, then pulled a ring box from his pocket. The couple plan a spring wedding.

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