Your Style: Kristine Ihrke

September 17, 2018

Kristine Ihrke, who describes herself as a yes person when it comes to family activities and volunteering, could not say no to returning home after college.

“I moved to Rochester in 1973 when my dad was transferred,” Ihrke explains. “After school, I worked at the Radisson in Minneapolis, but I missed Rochester and moved back in 1994.” Now, she has been with Centerstone Plaza Hotel Soldiers Field for 12 years and is currently director of sales.

Noting that she and her husband Chris, have three children — son Dawson, 18, daughter Cassidy, 16, and son Jackson, 11 — Ihrke says, “I love being involved in their sports and activities.”

Having previously served 9½ years on the Rochester Amateur Sports Commission, Ihrke still attends meetings as an emeritus.

How do you describe your style?

Comfortable some days, dressy others. Depends on the occasion! But I always like to wear clothes that flatter…


My professional style comes from my days at the Radisson in Minneapolis. The general manager said that if you aren’t sure what to wear, always opt on dressing up more.

Any inspiration from family, friends?

Jennelle Stemper at Mainstream Boutique is a friend of mine. Her store is my go-to for a night out or special occasion.

How has your style changed with your stages in life?

From single, to mother of three, to now approaching 50. Started out caring a lot how I looked, to not caring, to dressing nicely for me.

How does your style match your interests?

I like to think of myself as a positive person who likes to interact with people. I guess the comfortable side of my style works to that.

What do you hope your style communicates?

When working, I want it to convey that I am professional and understand the hospitality business. In social settings, I want to blend into the crowd. No outrageous outfits for this girl — unless it’s a fun theme event!

What do you wear when working?

At work, I used to keep to the rules I learned when starting out — only dresses or skirts. I have relaxed over the years to mainly wear slacks — much warmer in winter!

The most essential components in your wardrobe?

Black slacks for work! Accessories and cute shoes when out on the town.

What should every well-dressed woman have in her wardrobe?

Definitely black slacks since they go with everything. Also … basic gold and silver necklaces and earrings.

Are you a purse or tote person?

I carry a purse and only have one. Too much work to switch purses to match an outfit.

Favorite shoes?

In summer, I live in my mules. My schedule is busy on the weekends and evenings with the kids so I like having a shoe I can quickly slide on.

Do you have a priceless sentimental item?

My mom’s wedding ring. She passed away eight years ago. I wear the ring every day.

An item your family or friends joke about?

The fleece zip-up I wear in the winter. I keep our house cool so it’s an easy thing to pull on to stay warm. Not the most flattering, but I’m happy.

Favorite colors to wear?

I like all colors, but really enjoy red and yellow.

Preferred season in terms of what you wear?

Summer definitely! The clothes are more comfortable and relaxed.

Anything especially Minnesota about your style?

Choosing warmth over fashion. I enjoy winter, but don’t like being cold.


Number one is to not worry about the size of the clothes. Worry only how it looks on you. A size six may mentally seem like a good thing, but if bulges show, it is not flattering. Wear the size that makes you look the best.

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