MTI should have endorsed Blaska -- Nancy Mistele

February 14, 2019

Madison Teachers Inc. demonstrates total hypocrisy in endorsing Ali Muldrow over David Blaska for a seat on the Madison School Board.

Two issues stand out: school safety and charter schools. Muldrow doesn’t support police in schools. Blaska calls out the district for its completely ineffective discipline plan and the need to retain officers for the safety of students and teachers.

Muldrow was an organizer for a charter school that the School Board denied. The organizers then took advantage of Gov. Scott Walkers’ alternate approval process where they succeeded, making an end run on MTI and the School District.

Muldrow’s decision to send her children to a charter school is hers alone, but she won’t comment on whether other parents should have the same right to choose. In fact, she now would eliminate the very back door that allowed their success.

On Feb. 19, Madison voters (including teachers) should support Blaska. His priority is safe schools where teachers can teach and our kids and grandkids can learn. Allowing students to roam the halls, being “truant inside the building,” does not support safe schools or help address the achievement gap. Instead they instill fear in teachers and students alike.

Nancy Mistele, Waunakee, former Madison School Board member