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Columbus bulldog stars in T-Pain video

Chris HigginsMay 19, 2019

Sully’s poppin’ bottles, all night.

Sullivan, a rescue bulldog from outside Columbus, appeared in the music video for rapper T-Pain’s latest song, ” It’s My Dog Birthday.” Sullivan lives with Gerryanne Bohn, a special education teacher at Beaver Dam’s Prairie View Elementary School, and her husband Adam. Adopted from Missouri, Sully is a special needs dog with spina bifida and wears a diaper.

Bohn is passionate about helping those with special needs and wants to give Sullivan a chance to shine. He has his own popular Instagram account and Bohn entered a contest to win him an appearance in the T-Pain video, which features BarkBox, a subscription service for dog treats and supplies. Bohn has videography experience and put together Sullivan’s entry, promoting it to the bulldog community on Instagram.

“We rallied behind Sully, the ‘Bully Squad,’ and everyone voted for him,” Bohn said. “He ended up winning.”

About to be a video star, Sullivan was flown to Atlanta for the shoot and received a car and hotel, all for free.

“He was a rock star. He just walked so nice through the airport,” Bohn said. “Everybody loved him and when he was on the plane, he was just so chill sitting underneath our seats.”

Sullivan, who loves ice, slept most of the way, but woke up when the flight attendant came around to pour drinks. She gave Sullivan a full cup of ice.

At the shoot, the dogs knocked back cupcakes with some shots — of water. (The humans had Patrón). Sullivan shared a squeaky ball pit and mounds of toys with Instagram-famous dogs from Atlanta.

“I’ve never seen so many toys in one room,” Bohn said. “Sullivan was going crazy.”

At the end of the day, Sullivan had the chance to do an interview with T-Pain himself as they went through a BarkBox for a video.

“Sullivan, of course he’s a bulldog, and he has a lot of saliva and he was slobbering all over T-Pain’s pants,” Bohn said. “T-Pain didn’t mind.”

Sullivan’s owners also had the chance to meet T-Pain. Bohn said it was cool to see a music video being produced in real life. She grew up creating her own music videos with friends and does photography and videography on the side, including for weddings.

At the end of the shoot, Bohn had her pick of the loot for Sullivan.

“They let us take whatever we wanted, so we had to buy a second bag to keep all the toys in to fly back,” she said. “His birthday’s coming up next week, so I purposely got all these toys that were birthday-related like cake and a birthday hat. It was funny because while we were carrying the bags, some of the toys were squeaking and Sullivan was obsessed with that.”

The Bohns have two other rescue dogs, Ashby and Rainier, who make guest appearances on Sullivan’s Instagram feed. Bohn regularly participates in different contests, and wins: a rug, a necklace, a trip to the Grammy Awards on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

“I sign up for a lot of contests because I’m obsessed with winning stuff,” Bohn said. “My family always gets mad because I tag them in all the Instagram posts.”

Of course, she said, if you don’t do it, you don’t win.

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