Orchids and Onions: Sunday, November 11, 2018

November 11, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to our President for his patience during the press conference. They behaved badly. Shame on them.

Orchids to the onion regarding the car show parking. I don’t go to car shows to see the trunk. Worse is the participants leaving by backing into the crowd to depart? Very dangerous.

Onions to local television and data provider that’s video channels have breakups, freezing and loss of audio. Please provide more bandwidth to support the overpriced fees I’m paying for your service.

Orchids to Nancy at FPS Medical for helping to resolve billing issue. Linda

Orchids to the person who purchased my Frida barstool at the HAPA Barstool fundraiser last Saturday. Appreciate your support of the arts.

Orchids to the kind ladies at the cable company Acoma office for assisting in scheduling fixing our internet and phone issues on Baysinger.

Orchids to Oasis Tile and Keith for granite countertops installed on Hubbell Drive by Sal and Juan. The countertops and clean-up were excellent and the guys were friendly and professional. Their two “adopted mothers” enjoyed having them.

Orchids to Dr. Hayley Kuhn for being a doctor that understands what patient care truly is, and not becoming a “numbers” doctor. You will be missed. Hope you will return in the future.

Onions to our local thieves of time…Doctors’ offices. Do you allow yourself to be a victim or do you wait a prescribed amount of time? Please; as a group we can change the horrible scheduling at most of our doctors’ offices! The Kims

Onions to the idiot on a bicycle in traffic. When I remind you that you are supposed to stop at the lights too. You say “Bite Me!” and wonder why cars hate bicycles on the road

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