Paul Mosley censured by county GOP

July 15, 2018

The Mohave County Republican Party voted to censure State Representative Paul Mosley during a meeting on Saturday.

Mosley, a Lake Havasu City resident, was shown in video footage made public on Thursday bragging to a La Paz County Sheriff’s deputy about driving 140 miles per hour. Mosley reportedly used his access to legislative immunity to avoid a speeding ticket.

According to officials with the Republican Party, A vote of censure doesn’t have any teeth, but it’s a strong statement indicating the party is putting distance between itself and Mosley’s campaign.

“It’s going to be a resolution of censure and it’s going to be in the coming days and it will basically indicate that as elected officials ... we have to hold ourselves, not to a normal standard, but to an even higher standard because of our positions,” said Laurence Schiff, chairman of the Mohave County Republican Party. “Mr. Mosley has, by his behaviors, not upheld those standards and, while we cannot tell him what to do with his campaign, we will disassociate ourselves from it by a motion of censure.”

Vice chairman Sam Scarmardo said party members felt the censure was necessary because Mosley declined to withdraw from his race for re-election. The censure vote was nearly unanimous, Scarmardo said.

Mosley was not in attendance at the meeting and he has not returned phone calls from the News-Herald.

The video was first published on ParkerLiveOnline, a radio station website based in Parker, before getting republished on media around the world.

The video shows Mosley apparently bragging during a traffic stop to a La Paz County Sheriff’s deputy about speeding up to 140 miles per hour along Interstate 10 and State Route 95. Mosley, who was stopped by Sgt. Steven Maya on SR 95 near milepost 196 on March 27 for allegedly traveling 97 mph in a 55 mph zone, told the deputy that legislative immunity prevented him from getting a criminal speeding ticket, according to a report of the incident.

Ultimately, the case was forwarded to the Cochise County Attorney’s office for review. Cochise County Attorney Brian M. McIntyre stated Thursday that a complaint has not yet been filed.

The incident promoted nationwide attention on social media and news programs and websites, as well as criticism from Havasu Republican leaders and other members of the Arizona State Legislature. State Rep. Mark Finchem filed a complaint about the incident with the House Committee on Ethics Thursday morning and the complaint is pending review by Committee Chairman State Rep. Eddie Farnsworth.

Mosley made local headlines in May after he was accused of taking nomination papers belonging to fellow candidate Leo Biasiucci from a Havasu gun store. At the time, Mosley denied taking the papers and made claims that his own paperwork had gone missing from the store.

Other allegations against Mosley have also recently emerged.

Lake Havasu High School graduate and owner of Public Policy Partners, a Phoenix-based lobbying firm, Meghaen Dell’Artino claims that, upon meeting Mosley for the first time two years ago, he questioned how she was feeding her then-six-month old twins when she was at work. He proceeded to tell her that she must be working because her husband must not make enough money and then asked one of her male employees how he could work for a woman, she stated.

“My three little girls deserve to grow up in a world that doesn’t judge or condemn them for having a career and a family. Mosley is entitled to his beliefs but he isn’t entitled to ask me how I’m feeding my children because I’m not home, say that my husband doesn’t make enough money for me or ask a man who I work with how he could possibly work for a woman,” she wrote to Today’s News-Herald in a Facebook message. “These are just sexist comments from a man who should know better and is supposed to be representing a community that I grew up in and a community that taught me I could be anything and do anything. He clearly doesn’t believe that and there’s no place for that down at the State Capitol.”

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