Why should buyers look at a house with no curb appeal?

November 17, 2018

Many home buyers just can’t see past a home’s outside appearance, and would probably cancel a showing based upon a drive-by, but think again. There are reasons to go inside.

That house could be beautiful inside, and very few people would even consider going in. That could easily translate to thousands of dollars that you can save, because of little competition, and less likelihood of a bidding war.

Some homeowners are more concerned with what they look at on a day to day basis inside, as opposed to outside. Just because a home has unattractive siding color, or overgrown landscaping does not mean the interior is less than desirable.

It truly comes down to vision. Equate it to someone else’s loss, and your gain. Having an open mind upon seeing a home’s exterior that is not as appealing as you would like can, and most always will, appeal to your wallet much more.

Look at it this way: Would you rather buy a house that looked gorgeous outside, but the kitchen needed remodeling? There is a big cost difference between remodeling a kitchen as opposed to a little something outside, which will be a lot less. Remember, you LIVE inside the house- enjoy the beauty of the interior, and work on the outside later.

If your agent knows you well enough, there is a reason why they made an appointment to see that house. Maybe the inside has everything you want, and more. If it’s just a matter of replacing shutters, adding some landscaping or another minor fix, GO inside.

The next time your agent takes you to an unattractive house, just go in. The seller has had to reduce or discount the property to get people to even go inside, so take advantage of that opportunity. You might be surprised at how nice the interior is, and you’ll be VERY happy for the thousands of dollars you can save because of it.

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