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Yale Student Arrested, Expelled, on Grounds Application Falsified

April 11, 1995

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) _ One month before graduation, a Yale senior has been expelled and charged with larceny for allegedly falsifying his admission application.

Lon Grammer, 25, was accused of using falsified high school and college transcripts and bogus recommendations to transfer to Yale two years ago.

Once at Yale, he received more than $41,000 in grants from the university and federal aid programs, the arrest affidavit said. He also received nearly $20,000 in loans.

A former roommate of Grammer apparently put police on his trail, saying Grammer had bragged about getting into Yale with fake transcripts, the affidavit said.

Grammer, from Brentwood, Calif., was arrested Thursday by university police at his dormitory room. He was released and his arraignment today in Superior Court was rescheduled for later this month. Grammer was charged with one count of larceny for allegedly accepting the financial aid under false pretenses.

Tuition, room and board at Yale cost about $26,000 a year.

``He applied for different grants to pay for his college tuition, and we were able to find that he was not who he portrayed himself to be,″ said James Perrotti, assistant chief of campus police.

Grammer wouldn’t comment. His attorney, Norman A. Pattis, said being granted college tuition money does not constitute larceny. ``If the university believes that’s larceny, they should consult someone in their law school, perhaps a first-year law student,″ he said.

Pattis said Grammer ``was performing quite well academically, and there was no doubt of his ability to compete with other Yale students.″

Last week, Harvard withdrew the admission of a teen-ager who pleaded no contest to manslaughter for beating her mother to death in 1989.

Grammer, who was studying political science, went to Yale in 1993 from Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo, Calif.

The affidavit said he submitted a phony transcript from Cuesta that showed he had a grade average of 3.91 out of a possible 4, or just below a straight-A average. The transcript on file at Cuesta showed he was actually had a grade average of 2.077, which translates to just above a ``C″ average.

Police said his Cuesta transcript was also falsified to show he had taken more classes than he really had.

In addition, Grammer’s file included two letters of recommendation from nonexistent teachers and a forged recommendation from Cuesta’s dean of students, the affidavit said.

The deception didn’t stop there, police said. He also submitted a high school transcript in which his grades, test scores and class rank were falsified.

Around campus, the brown-haired, muscular Grammer was known by the nickname ``L.T.″ He played on the university rugby team and was a member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity, students said.

Senior Brandon Vore, 22, called Grammer ``a great guy.″

``He hasn’t really talked much about personal things. He’s not that type of guy, but we went out drinking a couple of times and he’s a good guy,″ Vore said.

Another student, Michael Ciaschini, 21, of Springfield, Mass., said Grammer was ``a very shady kind of kid. A lot of his stories didn’t really match. Everyone liked him, but everybody thought he was a little fishy.″

According to Ciaschini, Grammer often said he played baseball in the minor leagues and was a cousin of ``Frasier″ star Kelsey Grammer. Neither could be immediately confirmed.

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