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April 15, 1986

STORRS, Conn. (AP) _ When NASA selects the finalist of its Journalist in Space program, it won’t be author Tom Wolfe. The writer of ″The Right Stuff″ says he withdrew his application because of pressure to complete his next book.

″The Right Stuff,″ which was made into a 1983 film, detailed the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Mercury program.

″I’ve got horrendous deadline pressure for my next book,″ Wolfe said of his first novel, ″Bonfires of the Vanities.″

Wolfe, at the University of Connecticut on Monday to talk about the space program, said he withdrew the application about two weeks ago.


LONDON (AP) - A judge refused on Tuesday to order a newspaper to disclose who supplied it with photographs of pop star Madonna and her husband, actor Sean Penn, taken on the set of a film they are making in London.

High Court Judge Sir Nicolas Browne-Wilkinson said such a disclosure could be ordered only where ″necessary in the interests of justice.″

The order was sought by Handmade Films, co-owned by ex-Beatle George Harrison, which is making ″Shanghai Surprise″ starring Madonna and Penn.

The Daily Express published the photos on Feb. 28 and March 1. After Handmade Films won a ruling that it owned the copyright on the pictures, the paper admitted that a copyright breach had occurred and surrendered the photos to the film company.

The Express reported that Penn and Madonna stormed off the set when the photos appeared, and that Penn demanded that the person who supplied the pictures be fired.


PLYMOUTH, Mass. (AP) - State police caught Sen. Edward M. Kennedy driving 80 mph and not carrying his driver’s license, a court official said Tuesday.

The Massachusetts Democrat paid $75 in fines for the April 6 incident - $50 for speeding and $25 for not carrying his license, said Roger O’Neil, clerk- magistrate of the Plymouth District Court.

Kennedy was driving a 1981 white Cadillac owned by his 95-year-old mother, Rose Kennedy, of Hyannisport, O’Neil said.

″He never asked for a hearing,″ said O’Neil. ″It would have become public and an embarrassment.″


LONDON (AP) - The British stage union Equity has rejected a motion by actress Vanessa Redgrave calling for a cultural boycott of Israel by all entertainment unions.

Monday’s annual meeting of the 32,000-member union had to be suspended for 10 minutes to let tempers cool when the motion was formally presented by her brother, actor Corin Redgrave. The motion was defeated about 3-2 on a show of hands.

Vanessa and Corin Redgrave are members of the ultraleftist Workers Revolutionary Party and support the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Opponents in the meeting at London’s Royalty Theater screamed, ″Fascist 3/8″ ″Anti-Semite 3/8″ and ″Hitler 3/8″ as Redgrave read out the motion drawn up by his sister, who was not present, and 38 other members of Equity. Supporters yelled back, adding to the din.

Miss Redgrave, 49, who has appeared in ″Julia,″ ″The Bostonians″ and ″Weatherby,″ among other films, has frequently stirred controversy in Britain and the United States for her support of the PLO.


NEW YORK (AP) - The gun lobby uses scare tactics on women to sell guns and block gun-control legislation, says Sarah Kemp Brady, wife of wounded presidential press secretary Jim Brady.

Led by the National Rifle Association, the gun lobby tries to make women ″believe that any gun control laws will make them defenseless,″ Mrs. Brady, a director of Handgun Control Inc., said in the May issue of Glamour.

Brady has been recuperating for five years from the head wound he suffered when John Hinckley shot him and President Reagan with a .22-caliber Saturday night special, March 30, 1981..


STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) - Two Americans were among nine inventors honored for helping solve social and economic problems in poor countries, Sweden’s Inventors Association announced.

The recipients of the new International Inventors Awards will receive a total of $137,000 in cash, Lennart Nilsson, president of the association, said Monday.

James Brewbaker, a horticulture expert at the University of Hawaii, Michael Benge, a Washington, D.C.-based international development researcher, and Australian Mark Hutton won the award for developing a fast-growing plant that can be used as fodder, lumber and fuel.

Britons Peter Fraenkel, Armstrong Evans and Gerald Pope were recognized for their work with small electrical plants. Briton Peter Morgan and Wilas Balwant Salunke of India were honored for their work on water supplies. Amir Khan of the Philippines won the award for developments in agriculture.

The prizes will be given out by King Carl-Gustaf in Stockholm June 13.


BUENA PARK, Calif. (AP) - George Strait said he never expected to win top male vocalist two years in a row, and the singer also picked up album of the year honors from the Academy of Country Music Awards.

The ever-popular Alabaman won entertainer of the year and top vocal group at the awards ceremony Monday night, giving the quartet a record 14 ″Hat″ trophies.

Ronnie Milsap’s ″Lost in the Fifties,″ won song of the year. Top female vocalist went to Reba McEntire. ″Highwayman,″ by Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson, took single of the year.

Judy Rodman, whose song ″Until I Met You″ is climbing the charts, took the award for best new female vocalist. Randy Travis, with the hit ″1982,″ won best new male vocalist.

Wynona and Naomi Judd, the mother and daughter team The Judds, captured the top vocal duet trophy for the second straight year.

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