Novak, Yagelski, Rosenbaum win County Council seats

November 7, 2018

La PORTE – In the three contested races for the La Porte County Council, two incumbents will retain their seats and will be joined by a political newcomer.

In the race for Council District 2, Republican Jim Rice lost to Democrat Randy Novak, the incumbent. Rice had 4,328 or 40.20 percent of the vote and Novak had 6,439 votes or 59.80 percent.

Even though he was defeated, Rice said his campaign was run well and added his experience helped.

“Overall I am pleased from all those who supported me, and I’d like to congratulate Randy Novak on his win,” Rice said.

In the District 4 race, Republican Michel Rosenbaum beat Democrat Steve Holifield. Rosenbaum had 5,134 votes or 56.21 percent, and Holifield had 4,000 votes or 43.79 percent.

“We won through door-to-door campaigning, mailings and radio ads,” Rosenbaum said. “We had support across party lines. I’d like to thank my family and my supporters for this win.”

Rosenbaum said he hopes to achieve transparency while in office and intends to do long-term planning with everything put in front of him.

In the race for Council District 3, Republican Chris Jackson lost to Democrat Mark Yagelski, the incumbent. Jackson had 2,769 votes or 33.66 percent and Yagelski 5,457 votes or 66.34 percent.

Running uncontested in District 1 was incumbent Republican Terry Garner, who netted 6,546 votes.

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