PARIS (AP) _ Justice Minister Albin Chalandon reiterated the government's refusal to negotiate with terrorists, and said George Ibrahim Abdallah will stand trial next year despite a bombing campaign in Paris to win his release from jail.

Chalandon on Friday said Abdallah will be tried, probably in February, on charges of complicity in the 1982 killings in Paris of U.S. military attache Lt. Col. Charles Ray and Israeli diplomat Yacov Barsimentov.

The Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Factions, of which Abdallah purportedly is a leader, claimed responsibility for the slayings. Police say the pistol used in both attacks was found in an apartment rented by Abdallah.

He is in the first year of a four-year sentence he received after being convicted of possessing arms, explosives and false identity papers and associating with criminals.

A group believed to be an appendage of the Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Factions claimed responsibility for a series of bombings in Paris Sept. 8-17 that killed nine people and wounded 163, and demanded the release of Abdallah and two other Middle Easterners jailed in France.

France has accused four of Abdallah's brothers of being involved in this month's bombings, but they denied the allegations and were seen in Lebanon on the day of the latest attack. Lebanese Justice Minister Nabih Berri said there was no evidence against the brothers.

Meanwhile, Two Iraqi students whose explusion from France angered Moslem kidnappers holding Frenchmen in Lebanon arrived back in Paris from Iraq on Friday.

The Iraqis, Hassan Kheireddine and Fawzi Hamza, are members of the underground fundamentalist Al Daawa group.

Nineteen foreigners, including eight Frenchmen, are missing in Lebanon.

A group claiming to hold French hostages in Lebanon issued a statement earlier this week demanding that the two be allowed to return to France and implicitly threatening the hostages if the two were denied re-entry.

The Iraqi students were among about a dozen foreigners expelled from France following the spate of bombings.