Good Neighbors delivers to young mother with five children

December 23, 2018

When young children play with a toy, they learn to make sense of the world and process it.

The toy also provides them with enjoyment. It can be gratifying for them to have time spent away from a parent or daycare provider who isn’t necessarily instructing the children.

At play, the children then get to control what is happening and experience the consequences, learning from the play environment.

Christmas provides a time when a child gets new toys and a break from routine. It can result in new experiences and new thoughts.

It’s also probably one of the reasons why children enjoy Christmas so much.

Just about everyone has a memory of a favorite toy or two from Christmas as a child. Many people can recall fondly the hours of fun and imagination that came along with it.

While the Norfolk Area Good Neighbors does help provide for essentials, it also provides gifts for children. Many of the gifts are attempted to be matched to a child’s requests or needs. All gifts are appropriate for families.

That’s why one of the most memorable families assisted by Good Neighbors this year is a young mother with five children.

Allene Johnson, director of Good Neighbors, said the mother, who got married as a teenager, now is separated from her husband.

“I feel bad for her,” Johnson said. “Sometimes she just needs someone to talk to.”

The family was given a food box, clothing, a coat and gifts for the children. Good Neighbors also tries to encourage gifts that will help children to develop learning skills.

The Good Neighbors also has individual donors who will provide specific gifts based on what a family has requested. These acts of generosity help to spread the Christmas cheer and make this time of year memorable for young ones.

One never knows when some future nurse might credit a children’s doctor kit with helping to develop an interest in medicine, or a scientist whose telescope given to her as a child helped her to think about worlds beyond Earth.

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