The Bay Winds Down Season with Dog Daze

September 28, 2018
More than 400 dogs attended the annual Broomfield Bay Aquatic Park's Dog Daze held on Saturday.

Sunshine and the chance to chase a tennis ball around Broomfield’s Bay Aquatic Park kept dogs and human spectators happy for hours Saturday.

The 19th Annual Dog Daze attracted 425 dogs from around the region. All the canines were having too much fun swimming and running around the facility to start fights with one another.

“One of the hunting dogs did flush out a baby bunny from its hiding place in a planter, which caused a mini riot with several of the dogs but our Animal Services Officer Voltin reached right in and rescued the little bunny,” said Kay Gazaway, Community Events Coordinator.

Gazaway said a lot of the comments she heard were positive, such as “this is the happiest place in Broomfield today” and “it’s my dog’s favorite day of the year.”

Every dog was given a tennis ball and a waste bag.

Some people came without a dog just to watch the frolicking.

Dogs ranged from Great Danes and Saint Bernards to Chihuahuas and French Bulldogs.

“One little guy/gal came in a doggie swim suit,” Gazaway said, and “there was an organized Corgie meet-up during one of the sessions.”

Owners could get in the water up to their knees, and lifeguards were on duty to offer assistance.

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