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TMI Residents Seek Federal Probe in Handling of Cancer Report

January 16, 1985

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Pennsylvania residents who contend the local cancer rate has jumped since the Three Mile Island nuclear accident are asking the Justice Department to look into possible mishandling of their complaint by federal regulators.

Joanne Musselman, a spokeswoman for Concerned Citizens of Three Mile Island, said the Nuclear Regulatory Commission forwarded the group’s report to the Centers for Disease Control with significant pages missing from it.

At least four affadavits providing evidence of alleged biological abnormalities showing up in the region - as well as various other pages of the report - were omitted when the document was forwarded to Dr. Glyn Caldwell, head of human health services at the Atlanta centers, Ms. Musselman said Tuesday. She said this represented a deliberate ″coverup″ by the commission.

She said in a telephone interview, however, that Caldwell later received a full version of the report, compiled by two other residents of the region, Norman and Marjorie Aamodt of Coatsville, Pa., from state officials in Pennsylvania.

Frank Ingram, a spokesman for the commission, said the pages evidently were omitted because of a copying error by the clerical staff when the report was forwarded to Caldwell about Aug. 23..

″The bottom line is that Dr. Caldwell had the full report,″ Ingram said.

A reactor at the Three Mile Island plant near Harrisburg, Pa., overheated and partially melted on March 28, 1979, when a cooling system malfunctioned through a combination of human and mechanical error.

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