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BC-Monday Spotlight,ADVISORY

December 2, 2018


The following story has moved as this week’s Monday Spotlight, a feature showcasing the best off-the-news enterprise in the AP report:


HONG KONG — Early last year, a little-known Chinese researcher turned up at an elite meeting in Berkeley, California, where scientists and ethicists were discussing a development that had shaken the field to its core — an emerging tool for “editing” genes, the strings of DNA that form the recipe book of life. The young scientist, He Jiankui, saw the power of this tool, called CRISPR, to transform not only genes, but also his own career. Last week shocked scientists watched as He hijacked an international conference they helped organize with an astonishing claim: He had brought forth the world’s first gene-edited babies, despite clear consensus that nothing like this should be attempted at this point. Nobody stopped him. How can that be? By Marilynn Marchione and Christina Larson. SENT: 1,400 words, photos.

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