Game day isn’t fun in student section -- Louis Goodhart

January 5, 2019

With the steady discussion of low attendance at UW-Madison football games, I thought a perspective from a recent graduate (May ’16) would be helpful.

I went to most home games my first two years but then tailed off a lot my second two. When first arriving as a student there is a novelty and allure to the games (“Holy cow, I’m in college!”) Jump Around is a blast, gathering in dorms or houses beforehand is awesome. We had good teams and exciting play.

But the second two years epitomize why many students show up late, if at all. It’s a long game with too many TV timeouts. It’s often cold and Wisconsin’s style of play can be tough to watch for casual fans. The list goes on.

Student-section seats are at the end of the field, so the view is terrible, especially for a run-based offense. We don’t know what penalties are for, what replays are happening (or why). We cannot drink alcohol (yes, many students prefer a beverage here and there) and the food is subpar.

Why opt for this when we can enjoy games from the couch within a few steps of a bathroom, fridge and comfort?

Louis Goodhart, Madison

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