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32 Rhodes Scholars Announced, Including Minister, Five From Harvard

December 9, 1990

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ A tennis instructor, a Baptist minister, and a student fluent in four languages were among 32 Rhodes scholars selected for two years of study at the Oxford University in England, officials said Sunday.

The 1991 U.S. Rhodes scholars were chosen during meetings held nationwide Wednesday and Saturday, said David Alexander, American secretary of the Rhodes Scholarship Trust, based at Pomona College in Claremont.

The list includes four English majors, five political science majors and two pre-med students. Several scholars said they planned careers in education.

Harvard University had five scholars, Yale had four, and Williams College and the U.S. Air Force Academy each had two.

This year’s list includes five women. Women have been eligible for the scholarship since 1976, and so far 157 have won it.

Among the qualities sought in Rhodes scholars are proven intellectual and academic excellence, integrity, respect for others, the ability to lead and to use talents fully, and sports prowess.

″It’s renewing to be among so many candidates this year who care about education and teaching,″ said 1991 scholar Goodwin Liu, a biological sciences major at Stanford University and a tennis instructor. ″That was a big reward of being a Rhodes scholar in 1991.″

Liu was a page in the U.S. House of Representatives and an intern for U.S. Rep. Robert Matsui, D-Calif., and plans to study human sciences at Oxford. He also organized an education conference at Stanford last year that brought students and state government heads together.

The University of Virginia’s Brad Ronnell Braxton is a religious studies major who is already a licensed Baptist minister. He plans a career in the ministry and college teaching.

Sabina Alkire, who majored in sociology at the University of Illinois, worked in Pakistan, India and Guatemala. Besides English, she speaks Spanish, Hindi and Urdu and plans to major in theology at Oxford.

Carl D. Marci, a pre-med student at Columbia University in New York, conducted a study last year for an AIDS support group that delivers hot meals to people with AIDS.

″I set up research that used weight gain and other numbers to show the patients’ improvement because of the food and care they were getting,″ Marci said. ″Most of the people are eating better than they ever have.″

Marci plans to major in public health and hopes to be elected to public office to ″create a voice for underrepresented populations.″

The Rhodes scholarships were established in 1902 by the estate of Cecil Rhodes, a British philanthropist and colonialist. Rhodes had hoped the scholarships would contribute to world understanding and peace.

Scholarship winners have college and university fees paid and receive a stipend to cover living expenses.

There were 103 finalists from eight regional districts this year.

There have been 2,596 American students who have received the scholarships since the program started. A group of scholars also is chosen from 17 other countries.

Former Rhodes scholars include Sen. Bill Bradley, D-N.J., entertainer Kris Kristofferson, former Los Angeles Ram quarterback Pat Haden and the newest U.S. Supreme Court justice, David Souter.

To qualify, scholars must be between the ages of 18 and 24 and be unmarried.

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