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Aniston Faces Tension Over Wedding Rumor

April 5, 2006

NEW YORK (AP) _ Silence. Awkward silence. That was Jennifer Aniston’s tightlipped response on Tuesday morning’s ``Today″ show when asked about the latest rumor that Oprah Winfrey is planning to host an $8 million wedding for her and beau Vince Vaughn.

The moment grew still more awkward when Aniston’s ``Friends with Money″ co-star, Catherine Keener, weighed in on her behalf. ``I thought you weren’t going to go there,″ she told entertainment correspondent Jill Rappaport. ``But you did.″

``It’s frustrating because those rumors do get out there,″ replied Rappaport.

Earlier in the interview segment, which also included co-star Joan Cusack, Aniston said she gives interviews to promote a movie, not her personal life.

``It’s the other stuff...,″ she said, scrunching up her face in reference to the yearlong headlines involving Vaughn, ex-husband Brad Pitt and other personal topics.

Rappaport explained she was curious about the wedding rumors, saying, ``When you hear about an $8 million wedding, you’d like to be invited.″

``And now you won’t be,″ quipped Keener, drawing laughs from Rappaport, Aniston and Cusack.

``Friends with Money,″ a drama about four women whose varying degrees of success put a strain on their relationships, opens Friday in limited release.

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