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April 3, 1986

NEW YORK (AP) _ Actress Marlo Thomas says her privileged childhood and her own success have not protected her from pain, but she uses the ″demons″ of her past in her acting.

″People’s demons have to do with love, acceptance, approval, rejection - there’s no escaping that for any human being on earth,″ said Miss Thomas, who appears Sunday in ″Nobody’s Child,″ a CBS-TV movie about a woman who fights her way back to sanity after 20 years in a mental institution.

In an interview to be published in Sunday’s Parade magazine, the daughter of comedian Danny Thomas would not discuss her own painful memories.

″Because I was raised the daughter of somebody famous, I have a natural guard; I learned very early not to allow anybody to penetrate that wall of privacy,″ she said.

She said portraying a woman who suffered from panic disorder in ″Nobody’s Child″ was traumatic. ″I became frayed, strung out. I stayed off the phone, and I wasn’t able to deal with a whole lot of things. I had nightmares for one week straight during the filming. I kept waking up and screaming.″


STAFFORD TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) - Richard Nixon had it his way, a shocking development for the employees at a Burger King restaurant here.

″There was an ex-president in Burger King,″ said hostess Doreen Johnson.

″It was a shock to see him,″ she added. ″He wore a powder blue suit, and looks better in person than he does on TV.″

Nixon posed for pictures and signed autographs for workers and patrons, his spokesman said.

″It was a pretty day and he thought he would take a drive down the coast and have a hamburger and french fries,″ said John Taylor, the spokesman.

Nixon, 73, accompanied during his jaunt Wednesday by a staff member, also ordered a soft drink, said Ms. Johnson.

The Saddle River resident stayed for about an hour, and left a note which reads, ″Best Wishes to Burger King, home of the Whopper. Love, Richard Nixon.″

The workers already had it framed, said manager Lisa Krigel.


ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist William Kennedy, whose tales made this city ″mythic,″ says he feels honored to receive awards from Brandeis University and the Lotus Club.

The Lotus Club, an organization for artists and government and business leaders, gave Kennedy its Medal of Merit last week. On May 7 in New York City, Kennedy is to receive the Brandeis Award for outstanding work in the creative arts.

″They just came along, and I feel honored,″ said Kennedy.

Brandeis will also bestow awards on actor-director John Huston, historian George Kennan and paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould.

″William Kennedy has taken a small city like Albany and made it mythic,″ said Evelyn Simha, executive director of the Brandeis Awards. ″We think Kennedy is one of the really important writers of our time.″

Kennedy, 58, received the Pulitzer in 1984 for ″Ironweed.″


VATICAN CITY (AP) - Frank Sinatra may sing for Pope John Paul II this summer at a benefit concert, Italian newspapers reported Thursday.

The newspapers, quoting unidentified sources, said the concert could take place in St. Peter’s Square in July and the proceeds would be used to help Third World famine victims.

The sources were quoted as saying ″complex negotiations have been going on for months″ and involved a ″mega-concert via satellite which could involve other holy places like the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem,″ Milan’s Corriere Della Sera reported.

But Vatican sources told The Associated Press the Holy See knew nothing about such a concert. If Sinatra wanted to sing for John Paul, the sources said, he would first have to ask for an audience.

Sinatra, 70, is often referred to in Italian papers as ″The Voice.″ He has visited Italy many times but has never visited with John Paul.


TOKYO (AP) - Japanese Crown Prince Akihito and Princess Michiko have invited the British bobbies who guarded their son, Hiro, during his two years at Oxford University to visit Japan, a chamberlain of the crown prince said Thursday.

Tsuyoshi Soga said two security police from Scotland Yard, Roger Bacon and Bruce Eyre, will arrive in Tokyo on April 7 for a week-long visit.

Hiro will be host at a luncheon for the bobbies April 9 at the East Palace, where the crown prince and his family live, Soga said.

Hiro, first son of the crown prince and princess, studied marine transportation in medieval Europe and other subjects at Marton College of Oxford University during 1983-85.


CINCINNATI (AP) - With five children born in 10 months, Douglas and Susan Ebding are accustomed to noise in their two-bedroom apartment.

Susan Ebding, 20, had twin boys in March 1985 and girl triplets in January.

″It gets pretty noisy in there when they’re all crying,″ Ebding, 21, said Wednesday. ″We’ve been looking for another place, something with four bedrooms and a back yard.″

Ebding had been fired from his job at a fast-food restaurant, which he said resulted because he was late while while his wife was in the hospital after the triplets’ births.

Mike O’Keefe, president of Artistic Die Manufacturing Co., then offered Ebding a job.

He’s now a press operator and cuts dies for printing decals for use on football helmets and bicycles. His wife also works for the company, but during a different shift.

Since news of the births received national attention, Ebding said many gifts have come from strangers: ″We got a lot of clothes, all sizes. We had to put them in the hall because there were so many.″

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