Births 9/10/2018

September 10, 2018


AARON: A son, Aug. 31, to Brooke Aaron, Scranton.

CIANNELLA: A son, Aug. 30, to Frankie and Rebekah Markman Ciannella, Scranton.

COOK: A daughter, Sept. 2, to Kevin and Kelly Williams Cook, Larksville.

CZYZYK: A son, Sept. 2, to Timothy and Tracey Slebodnik Czyzyk, Throop.

ELEY: Twins, a son and daughter, Sept. 5, to Damien Eley and Nicole Lee, Scranton.

EMERY: A son, Sept. 3, to Alec Emery and Katy Bohlig, Scranton.

FISHER: A son, Sept. 2, to Paul III and Natalie VanFleet Fisher, Scranton.

KRAJEWSKI: A son, Sept. 3, to Patrick and Stephanie Ziesemer Krajewski, Eynon.

MARTINI: A son, Aug. 27, to Carl Martini and Holly Moore, Archbald.

McCORMACK: A son, Sept. 3, to Joseph and Stacey Yerrick McCormack, Clarks Summit.

PAVESE: A daughter, Sept. 1, to John and Jaclyn Brown Pavese, Clarks Summit.

ROSARIO: A daughter, Sept. 1, to David and Amanda Socash Rosario, Exeter.

TINNIKOV: A son, Sept. 3, to Alexander and Olga Antonova Tinnikov, Dunmore.

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