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November 8, 1990

WEMBLEY, England (AP) _ Wimbledon has rain delays and the U.S. Open is interrupted by low-flying jets. At the Wembley indoor tennis tournament, play is stopped to clean up after pigeons.

Two matches were halted temporarily Thursday when a couple of pesky pigeons who had perched in the rafters littered the court with droppings and feathers.

″It looked like bits of the roof, because it was completely dried out,″ said Jeremy Bates, whose match against Michael Chang was stopped to allow workmen to clean up the pigeons’ mess. ″But then I saw one or two feathers.″

The pigeons, who flew around the arena during play, apparently knocked some dried droppings off the rafters as well as depositing fresh material on the court.

″I think they were dried bird droppings, like gravel,″ Chang said. ″And sometimes it can get dangerous. If your foot rolled on it, it could cause a major injury.″

A pigeon cleanup also affected the match between Peter Lundgren and Aaron Krickstein. The match was halted for seven minutes as Lundgren prepared to serve for the match.

It was not the first time a bird had disrupted Bates while playing.

″I get showered at Eastbourne regularly by seagulls,″ he said of his experiences at the English seaside resort.


BEAVER, Pa. (AP) - John Burkett will be throwing strikes for money this winter, but it won’t be for the San Francisco Giants.

The Giants’ right-hander, whose 14 victories this season led major league rookie pitchers, will bowl Jan. 22-26 in the Pro Bowlers Association’s Pinole Valley Open at Pinole, Calif.

Burkett, an outstanding amateur bowler who averages 225 in several winter leagues, has rolled three perfect games.

″I’m not doing this as a publicity stunt,″ Burkett said. ″I’m serious about bowling.

″I wouldn’t mind participating in two or three PBA events a year in the winter just to give it a try. I’d like to try to make the (PBA) tour when my baseball career is over.″


PARIS (AP) - Michel Platini, coach of the French national team, is jubilant at the unprecedented success of French club teams in the European soccer tournaments.

Marseille in the Champions Cup, Montpellier in the Cupwinners tournament and Bordeaux and Monaco in the UEFA tournament all advanced to the third round in games Tuesday and Wednseday. It was the first time all of France’s contending teams have survived the second round.

″I am rejoicing in the historic performance of our clubs,″ Platini said. ″I am also rejoicing since the fortunes of the French national team, unbeaten for nearly two years, is like that of the clubs.″


SWIFT CURRENT, Saskatchewan (AP) - If Graham James ever leaves coaching, there may be room for him on the nightclub circuit.

The coach of the Swift Current Broncos guided the Western Hockey League team to the Memorial Cup championship two years ago. Swift Current is in second place in the East Division, while James is scoring a lot of points with his sharp wit.

To wit: after releasing 17-year-old goaltender Joaquin (pronounced wah- keen) Gage recently, James quipped, ″We gave him his Joaquin papers.″

Then there was his sarcastic summary of a 6-1 loss to the Regina Pats.

″Regina deserved a lot of credit, but the way we played, I don’t think we could have beaten a team with Larry, Moe and Curly at forward, Captain Ahab and Long John Silver on defense, and Stevie Wonder in goal. We were hopeless.″


PETERBOROUGH, Ontario (AP) - The Peterborough Petes could adopt a new motto: the team that gets sick together sticks together.

Peterborough played a 3-3 tie against the Belleville Bulls in an Ontario Hockey League game Nov. 1 with 12 players suffering from the flu.

Todd Bojcun, Doug Searle, Scott Campbell, Jassen Cullimore, Dan O’Neill and Dan Ferguson were too sick to play. Brent Tully, Jason Dawe, Troy Stephens, Dale McTavish, Chris Longo and Chris Hunt suited up but were very weak.

Jamie Pegg probably felt like joining the ill-stricken group after the game. The Petes’ defenseman played 47 minutes, including the full five-minute overtime.

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