Local man recognized for reporting safety hazard at Iowa fertilizer plant

December 15, 2018
Phil Cook III, center with parents Susan Cook and Phil Cook. Cook III, an apprentice at Capitol City Electric, was recognized for reporting a potential hazard at a fertilizer plant in Iowa.

Capitol City Electric, Inc., headquartered in Lincoln, and Koch Fertilizer, with a plant in Beatrice, recognized Phil Cook III, CCE apprentice, for observing a potential safety hazard at the KOCH plant in Fort Dodge, Iowa, and reporting it, according to a news release.

Cook was walking down a pressure transmitter installed the previous night and noticed an aluminum conduit fitting installed in the process instead of a stainless-steel fitting. Upon noticing this, he communicated the potential hazard to a KOCH supervisor.

“If Phil hadn’t identified and reported this hazard, it could have resulted in an issue,” said Koch I&E Supervisor Ryan Andersen, who attended the presentation with Koch I&E Reliability Engineer Nick Hunter. “However, by using the Stop, Think and Ask policy Koch emphasizes, a problem was avoided.”

CCE Safety Director Tim Ashman noted that it’s something they train on frequently and especially emphasize on the employee’s first day at CCE and every year at a required annual training.

“CCE takes pride in knowing that we have employees like Phil, that look out for the customer, his fellow employees, other contractors and himself by placing a high priority on SAFETY,” CCE President Adam Randall said.

With that, Cook received a safety award from both CCE and Koch to recognize their appreciation for his hard work and his commitment to safety.

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