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Burma Says White Foreigners Training Rebels

June 4, 1988

RANGOON, Burma (AP) _ White foreigners are training Karen ethnic insurgents fighting the central Burmese government, official Burmese media said Saturday.

A television program showed a photograph of a mustachioed Caucasian training soldiers of the Karen National Union in the use of a rocket launcher. He was identified only as an ″unnamed foreigner.″

The photograph was among documents seized from the rebel group after a clash with government troops May 30 in eastern Burma, the television report said.

A few foreign mercenaries, including some from France and Australia, are known to have provided training to the Karens, one of several ethnic minority groups fighting for greater independence from the central government.

The report said documents seized showed some foreigners had given weapons training to the rebels at Manapler, Mela and Wanghka, three major Karen strongholds.

The documents were seized after a Karen rocket attack on Pa-an, the capital of Karen State. Two people were killed and 11 others wounded, according to government accounts.

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